About the Chamber

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What does the Avon Chamber do?

The Avon Chamber of Commerce is a business advocacy organization committed to advancing the quality of life, both professional and personal, in the Avon and area of West Hants, Nova Scotia. The Chamber provides services that our members need while advocating for nurturing, development and growth.

Our 50+ member businesses and their over 200 employees act as a powerful voice to represent the business community and promote local business interests. Our volunteer Board of Directors and part-time Coordinator undertake initiatives on behalf of our membership.

To achieve this, we've developed a Strategic Plan to build and retain business members, help our members grow through education and other programs, and increase awareness and promote our local business members.

Most importantly, we believe that working together is "just good business".


About the Chamber

To promote, develop and serve business, industry, and the community.

The Chamber will promote business, employment, and educational opportunities. The Chamber will shape policy, initiate collaborative partnerships and act as champions of prosperity. The Chamber will be a thought leader in voice, vision, and inspiration. The Chamber will be known as the leading business organization providing maximum value to its membership by recognizing and encouraging the private sector's role as the driving force in the

Objectives of the Avon Chamber
• To effectively express the views of the Avon business community on matters of local,
provincial, and national interest.
• To represent the Avon business community.
• To encourage improvement of commercial and industrial activity in the Avon and all of
Nova Scotia
• To advance the business interests of the Chamber's members.
• To promote advancement of the quality of life, both professional and personal, in the
Avon & area.

1. Free enterprise and open competition including free fair trade between communities and nations.
2. Ethical business practices
3. In a democratic society, operate in full compliance with all laws and regulations
mandated by duly elected governments and regulatory bodies.
4. A Champion for ensuring that there is no undue government intervention in business.
5. Complete openness to inclusiveness and diversity; including an openness to "listen" to
alternate viewpoints, including complete fairness and impartiality in dealings with all
stakeholders, including members and staff.
6. A preferred collaborative approach in dealing with others in the community - but not at the expense of other core values.
7. Political involvement to advocate for business is accomplished on a strictly non-partisan basis

Membership Benefits


The Avon Chamber provides regular learning and training opportunities to its members


Access the Chamber of Commerce Group Health Insurance Plan for yourself & employees 


Member-to-member discounts & offers


Networking, marketing and social opportunities

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Current members are included in our online Member Directory

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Business advocacy & community support; contact us to discuss your business needs

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Newsletter for relevant events and updates

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Monthly featured member businesses

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Event door prizes, and so much more!

About the Avon

The AVON is a vibrant fusion of urban and rural cultures. Located in the pristine Avon River Valley, the area's towns and hamlets are built around the plentiful food supply rising from the rich soil bed, and a splendid sun belt that shines brightly.

People are connected to the land and connected to each other. They are distinct, interesting individuals with a world view. Rooted in history, pioneers and adventurers across the centuries have found, lost, and reclaimed this nourishing land of plenty.

Today's residents are diverse, multifaceted and have come to AVON from many walks of life, bringing their experiences to the district, and finding welcoming hands and hearts to shepherd them into their new community.

People of the Avon region are sometimes city folk looking for a better way. They work in Metro but want to live in a culturally interesting and stimulating environment that doesn't say "suburb." In the AVON, they enjoy a close-knit, vibrant lifestyle that offers boutique shopping, a strong "buy- local" culture, a cool arts scene, and old-world architecture.

Fresh, local food and wine is abundant for Avon residents. Newcomers are happily shown the ways of the land by their neighbors and new friends. From hobby gardens to small commercial farms, to award winning wineries, Avon residents enjoy access to the bounty this scenic, pastoral land offers. And when home cooking takes a break, residents enjoy a myriad of bistros and dining rooms that stimulate the palette with locally sourced, worldly cuisine.

Fueled by nature's goodness, residents can take full advantage of the "ultimate weekend" right at their doorstep. Horse breeding is popular in the AVON, giving residents plenty of access to equestrian culture, from owning and caring for their own horses, to enjoying local ranch hospitality. The perfect ski day can happen in a moment's notice, with residents on the slopes before the first snowflake hits the ground. With brilliant day skies and true dark, starry nights, outdoor recreation is well developed and limitless.

Avon residents are connected to the land and connected to each other. They are distinct, interesting individuals with a world view. They value healthy, balanced, stimulating life styles, and are willing to travel the extra mile for something unique, special and plentiful rather than settling on the expected city suburban lifestyle.

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